Here at Total Quality Construction we’ve created many additions. Most of those have been built directly onto the homes we’ve been hired to service. However, sometimes a home addition isn’t enough to fulfill all of your needs. Sometimes you want to add space to your property, but not necessarily space you’ll want to live in or even necessarily visit every day. Maybe you’re just looking for some more storage space without paying to increase your home’s surface area. This is where accessory buildings come into play. Here at Total Quality Construction we offer a number of accessory buildings to our clients: everything from attached and detached garages to pole barns and sheds, we can even help you out by finding the best garage door system for your garage and help get an Amish Garage Installation. In fact, if you’re looking for an accessory building to increase your home’s storage potential in an cost-effective and non-disruptive manner then Total Quality Construction is just the company you should be calling.

Which Type of Accessory Building Would Best Suit Your Needs?


Our custom garage builder offers two main types of garages, namely attached and detached models. Garages are an excellent addition to many homes for several reasons. Probably the most obvious of these is that they can hold cars, protecting them from the elements. However, garages can hold a great deal more than cars. Indeed, they’re a fantastic storage space all around. And if you don’t want to use your car for storage there are a great many other things that you can use it for, like your very own workshop or playroom or even a new living space. Detached garages are a great choice for those who prefer the look of a separate garage or those who want to use the space in front of their home for something else instead, like a patio or a porch. The other benefit of these garages is that any remodeling projects or even repairs like getting a garage door repair won’t interfere with your home, as it is a completely separate building.

Pole Barns

Pole barns provide another excellent storage opportunity. They have been widely adopted for their cost-effective nature, the sheer amount of storage space they provide and the speed with which they can be assembled. There are also a wide variety of pole barns available so you’ll be able to find one to exactly match your needs without breaking the bank. Finally, they’re easy to maintain and last a great while.


Another very cost-effective option, storage sheds can hold a great deal, allowing you to free up space within your home. Many people use sheds for mowers, leaf-blowers and other large and potentially dirty lawn care appliances. Basically, if you have anything big and bulky that you need but don’t want taking up space in your house, a shed is a great option and you can easily contact companies like ACTION GARAGE DOOR to still keep your belongings safe inside your shed.

If you’re interested in adding an accessory building to your property make sure to contact the Garage builder ofallon il.