Toledo’s Official Andersen Windows Contractor

Total Quality Construction is Toledo, Ohio’s premier Andersen Windows dealer and installer. The crew at Total Quality Construction can assist you in selecting the Andersen window design that will fit your home the best and provide expert installation. Whether you’re renovating and modernizing an existing home or designing and constructing a whole new home, we can provide you with window solutions of the highest quality.

Expert Installation and High Standards

If your windows aren’t installed correctly, they won’t keep the wind and rain out of your home. Window installation demands professional skills and equipment to ensure everything is level, square, and proofed against all types of weather. In addition, correctly installed windows can be opened and closed without effort and can last years and years.

Total Quality Construction hires only the most experienced team members with the training and skill in window installation that meets our high service standards. Our Andersen window specialists are committed to handling each project with great care and treating you and your home with consideration and respect.

Following the installation of your new Andersen windows, we will make sure your home is as clean as we found it, and you will receive a thorough demonstration of how your new windows operate. Our installation specialists are also prepared to answer any questions you might have about your Andersen windows or other projects you may have in mind.

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All About Andersen Windows

Andersen has been making high-quality windows since 1903. They’re the most recognized name in windows, and their reputation is well earned.

Andersen windows offer the following available features:

  • A range of factory finishes for both interior and exterior
  • Natural wood interior
  • Attractive, low-maintenance exteriors
  • High-performance Low-E4® glass offering exceptional energy efficiency
  • Large glass areas for more light
  • Optional invisible TruScene® insect screens
  • Vinyl rain-proof cladding
  • Reach-out locks
  • Patented Fibrex® material provides the strength of wood, low cost of vinyl
  • Custom sizing to meet your project’s needs

Because every home and project is different, Andersen windows offer an impressive variety of window types to choose from. Each type can be further customized as needed.

Popular window types include:

  • Picture Window: Single large stationary window.
  • Architectural Shapes – Custom-shaped, stationary windows designed to add appeal to a standard window setup.
  • Transom: Smaller accent window usually positioned above a door or other window.
  • Awning: Window that vents from the bottom and swings upward.
  • Horizontal Gliding: Window that vents from left to right, similar to a patio sliding door.
  • Casement: Window that vents by swinging outward from the left or right.
  • Hopper: Window that vents from the top with the sash dropping inside the home.
  • Double-Hung: Windows with two vertical operating sashes that slide up and down.
  • Bay: A composite of three or more windows featuring one large center pane and two side panes.
  • Bow: A composite of four or more windows mulled together to present a bowing or curved effect.

Quality Andersen Window Installation at TQC

At Total Quality Construction, we believe in providing the best service and professional window installation. We know that our success is measured in your satisfaction, and we are committed to helping your home look its best.

Call us today for more information or to have one of our Andersen windows specialists come to your home for a free consultation. (419) 843-6737