When you are planning a kitchen remodeling project in Maumee, Ohio, the decision process from hiring the right contractor to choosing the right finishes can feel very overwhelming. Whether you want to make the most of a small kitchen, create an efficient workspace for a home chef, or add storage solutions for a clean and uncluttered look, there is a kitchen remodel design that is perfect for you. When you are ready to invest in remodeling your kitchen, talk to your contractor about your vision and goals so they can help guide you through the details and oversee the project to bring everything together within your timeline and budget. 

Space-Saving Tips for a Functional Kitchen Remodeling ProjectBeautiful Large white kitchen island with lots of storage and space, installed by a Maumee Ohio remodeling contractor.

Every design suggestion for a kitchen remodeling project seems to assume you have a large space to work with. Not every kitchen is expansive, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen is doomed to be cluttered, claustrophobic, or lacking functionality. With the right space-saving designs, you can maximize the space you have and create an open and welcoming environment.

One of the best ways to save space is to install floor to ceiling cabinets. Many kitchens have cabinets that stop short of the ceiling. It’s not unusual to have a good amount of unused vertical space this way. By installing floor to ceiling cabinets, you will not only maximize your storage, but you will add a touch of elegance to your new kitchen. When you are choosing your floor to ceiling cabinets, talk to your contractor about the height you are working with and how to best incorporate this into your design.

Many homeowners doing a kitchen remodel like the idea of a kitchen island, but not every kitchen is big enough to incorporate one. If your kitchen has a small footprint that isn’t conducive to adding an island, your contractor may have some suggestions for how to get the benefits of adding prep space without taking up additional floor space.

Built-ins are a great way to save space and store more. A built-in microwave, a pull-out drawer for your garbage and recycling, and incorporating roll-outs that fit in the smallest of spaces are all excellent ways to minimize clutter and make your kitchen more functional.

Finding the Perfect Storage Solution for Your New Maumee, Ohio Kitchen 

Kitchen storage is important. It’s not about simply having a toaster and coffee pot on the counter anymore. Many homeowners who like to cook are experimenting with additional appliances like stand mixers, food processors, air fryers, pressure cookers, and slow cookers. With more and more families in Maumee, Ohio cooking at home, you likely could use more storage for small appliances, pots and pans, baking equipment, dishes, utensils, and food. When you are planning your kitchen remodel, talk to your contractor about clever storage solution options. Many contractors can add plenty of functionality to your cabinets that will make better use of your space. Pull-out organizers, a mix of drawers and open shelves, and adjustable cabinet shelving can be combined to find the right solution to suit your family’s culinary needs.

Create or Remodel Your Pantry for Better Functionality

Eliminating countertop clutter will streamline your kitchen workspaces, but you need to have someplace for all of your appliances and kitchen gadgets to go. A kitchen remodeling project is a great time to focus some attention on your pantry. Whether you already have a pantry or plan to include one in your design, having a designated kitchen storage space for both food and small appliances will keep your kitchen organized, clutter-free, and functional. With a well-designed pantry, you can keep many things easily accessible but also out of sight.  

Essential Features for the Home Chef

If you love to cook or bake, you can create the perfect kitchen to support your culinary adventures. When creating your wish list, you may see the term “chef’s kitchen” often. The basic requirement for creating a chef’s kitchen is a workspace that is well designed to satisfy the needs of a professional chef (even if you aren’t!) Some of the features you may want to add to your chef’s kitchen include:

  • Expanded Sink Spacekitchen remodeling contractors in Maumee

If you love to cook from scratch, a large sink with a high-end faucet is a must. This will help when it comes to prep work, handwashing dishes and equipment that can’t go in a dishwasher, and washing fresh produce. Some home chefs prefer one large farmhouse style sink, while others enjoy the functionality of a double sink.

  • High-Quality Appliances

While you can get away with any model of refrigerator or dishwasher, one of the best features of a chef’s kitchen is an excellent range and oven. There are many options for dual ranges and ovens that give you plenty of control. Having an excellent stove top with a range hood can not only function exactly as you need it to, but can also be a stylish focal point in the room. 

  • Counters Made for Cooking

Roomy, durable countertops are essential for meal prep. Some home chefs like the farmhouse style of a butcher block countertop or soapstone. Both are durable enough for anything including high heat, while some homeowners prefer the sleek and modern look of marble or quartz. As you design your space, consider adding some extra countertop features, such as a built-in chute over your pull-out trash can for easy disposal of scraps.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Maumee, Ohio 

No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, Total Quality Construction can take the stress out of your Maumee, Ohio kitchen remodel by guiding you through the choices available based on your needs, timeline, budget, and taste. A kitchen remodeling project is a big investment but will have a high return. No matter how big or small your kitchen remodeling project is, finding a professional to design, install, and finish your kitchen is important. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your Maumee, Ohio kitchen, it’s a great time to talk to the team at Total Quality Construction about the best way to get started on your master plan. We’ve been a proud member of this community for many years and have a passion for helping homeowners bring their kitchen dreams to life. We can help you too!